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TruScreen cervical screening


What is TruScreen?

TruScreen is a real-time, accurate cervical screening tool for the detection of pre-cancerous and cancerous cervical cells. As well as being highly accurate, the TruScreen system provides an instant report, thus preventing the risk of losing contact with the patient because of the delay associated with transportation of samples to laboratories for analysis and reporting. TruScreen is an objective, self-checking digital system that can be used with minimal training of medical or paramedical staff, and without the infrastructure and resource costs associated with cytology-based screening.

Why have we developed a new cervical screening test?

Medical professionals around the world were looking for a real-time screening device to improve accuracy and patient follow up, reduce patient discomfort and the need for supporting laboratory infrastructure and make cervical screening more available to women in remote and undeveloped regions. Feedback from medical professionals also highlighted that current laboratory Pap tests are subjective and vary significantly – only giving approximately 50% accuracy.

How accurate is TruScreen?

TruScreen has been extensively evaluated in numerous studies involving more than 10,000 women from Australia, Brazil, Italy, Philippines, People’s Republic of China, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States of America. More than 30 clinical trials have been completed worldwide, with the studies confirming that the overall sensitivity of TruScreen was shown to be equivalent to, if not better than, that of a Pap test.

Why should patients ask for a TruScreen examination?

TruScreen provides immediate results at the time of the visit, so that any necessary decisions about treatment or management can be made there and then, without the need for follow up information or a consultation. Also, as a medical device, the results are consistent and objective every time, and have been shown to be more acceptable to women because the TruScreen test is painless and involves minimal discomfort.

How does TruScreen work?

Using a Single Use Sensor, a pen-like wand touches various spots on the cervix to pick up electrical and optical signals (14 readings per second) from the cervical tissue. The TruScreen handheld device collects this data and compares it to known tissue signatures to provide a result. This enables the physician to immediately plan appropriate patient care. TruScreen examinations are painless.

How long does a TruScreen test take?

Each TruScreen examination takes approximately 1–2 minutes. Real-time results are then available immediately.

Why is the Single Use Sensor only for single use?

By having a disposable product that touches the cervix, there is no chance of any cross-infection between patients or protein/mucus build-up on the SUS. This ensures that the result is consistent, reproducible and safe for the patient.

How long do patients have to wait for their results?

Results from the TruScreen test are available immediately following the procedure.

How are the results interpreted?

TruScreen provides the doctor with an immediate result. This enables the physician to immediately plan appropriate patient management or treatment.

What clinical trial publications support the use of TruScreen?

A series of clinical publications support the use of TruScreen. Continual, ongoing field evaluations also support the consistent performance of TruScreen. Click here for a list of current papers published.