DIAN DIAGNOSTICS – The potential strategic partner of Gorton Health Services Company

Dian Diagnostics Group and Gorton Health Services Co., Ltd. become strategic partners with the goal of investing and developing the medical industry in general, and the medical testing field in particular..

After the prevention and fight against Covid-19, Vietnam’s health sector has demonstrated its capacity and development potential. In parallel, the healthcare industry tends to shift from curative healthcare to preventive healthcare. The importance of improvements in early, rapid and accurate diagnosis can be seen. 

Dian Diagnostics – a Chinese corporation wishes to expand operations in a number of Southeast Asian countries, in which Vietnam is receiving the most attention from the Group. Towards the Vietnamese market, Dian Diagnostics and Gorton Health Services Company have become strategic partners with the goal of investing and developing the medical industry in general and the field of medical testing in particular.

About Dian Diagnostics Group

Dian Diagnostics was established in 1996, headquartered in Hangzhou, China. The Group is in the Top 100 Innovative Growth Company of Forbes with a total income of 2 billion USD per year.

With more than 26 years of experience in the medical field, the group provides a wide range of services in diagnostics, diagnostic technology research and development, chemical research organizations, forensic, health management, cold supply chain and other fields.


In addition, Dian Diagnostics has more than 40 high standard laboratories (CAP certification from the American Pathological Association), 8 forensic facilities (providing services as well as doing forensic examination for the Ministry of Public Security of China) and 6 high-end healthcare centers in China.

Owning a closed process, self-manufacturing capability from a factory with more than 20 automatic production lines, Dian Diagnostics provides products up to 300 million products annually. Until now, Dian Diagnostics has provided more than 2,700 types of medical and laboratory diagnostic parameters from routine diagnostics tests to the most advanced diagnostics tests. During its operation, the Group has served more than 20,000 medical facilities in China and provided testing services to more than 300 million customers.

The Dian Diagnostics factory supplies up to 300 million products per year

Not only that, Dian Diagnostics is currently a provider of services and products in the field of medical testing for more than 90% of local level 2 – 3 hospitals and has covered 16 provinces (including autonomous regions and cities under the Central Government) of China. It can be said that Dian Diagnostics Group is currently one of the leading corporations in the diagnostics field in China.

Along with their domestic business activities, Dian Diagnostics also cooperates strongly with international units to improve professional capacity, product quality and jointly promote development in the medical field. Dian Diagnostics and John Hopkins University (USA) have established and organized professional exchange forums since 2015 and approached to establish the International Pathology Consultation Center – in 2017. Moreover, the Group’s subsidiaries are having cooperation in the field of health and diagnostics in some Southeast Asian countries and European countries such as Germany, Belgium, Australia,…

International cooperation between Dian Diagnostics and John Hopkins University

Overview of the Dian Diagnostics products

Since its establishment, Dian Diagnostics has been and continues to focus on research, development, production and distribution of in vitro diagnostic reagents, equipment and consumables specializing in molecular diagnostics and pathology. The Group’s goal is to provide comprehensive molecular diagnostic solutions from reagents and supplies to modern diagnostic equipment.

Up till now, Dian Diagnostics has marketed more than 40 in vitro diagnostic products and many diagnostic devices. Some products are introduced to Vietnam market:

1. Molecular Diagnostic Platform

The platform includes product lines for the detection of molecular biological indicators such as nucleic acid extraction instruments and Real-time PCR instruments,…

Screenshot 2022 09 21 143837
Molecular Diagnostic Platform

Especially, Dian Diagnostics also focuses on nucleic acid detection kits for infectious diseases such as HPV, HBV, CT, NG, UU, Covid-19 viral nucleic acid detection kit,…

2. Pathological diagnosis platform

Dian Diagnostics invests in developing a product line of devices to support pathological diagnosis. The pathological diagnosis platform integrates the entire process from sample processing to intelligent AI-assisted diagnosis. 

Screenshot 2022 09 21 144100
Pathological diagnosis instuments

3. POCT platform

Diversity of product, includes Rapid PCR detection system, adenovirus/human nose/parainfluenza triple tests, pneumonia double detections (pulmonary branch/pulmonary coat), disease control & pets testing products.

4. Bio-sample preservation and storage solutions.

These are biobank products applying cold technology, including not only instruments for storing and preserving test samples, but also instruments for analyzing and processing samples, converting results,…

Screenshot 2022 09 21 144757
Cryobox and cryotube of Dian Diagnostics
Screenshot 2022 09 21 145948
Cryoshelf for bio-sample preservation and storage

The goal of development cooperation

Before moving to the step of long-term cooperation and development, in October 2022, the leadership delegation of Dian Diagnostics will have a business trip in Vietnam. The visit is an opportunity for the Group to assess the market potential for the above product lines, as well as learn about Vietnam’s medical testing system for future investment purposes.

trang hop tac

Gorton Health Services Company Limited is a trusted trustee of Dian Diagnostics during this business trip. Gorton Comapny hopes to exchange and learn more cooperation opportunities with the goal of bringing healthcare solutions to Vietnam market, thereby building a strong relationship with Dian Diagnostics.

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