Eliminating cervical cancer with the TruScreen Optical-Electrical method

The new cervical cancer screening method TruScreen was introduced at the 2023 Science and Technology Conference organized by Dong Nai -2 Hospital.

On November 22, 2023, Dr. Doctor. Le Quang Thanh – Vice President of Vietnam Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology (VAGO), President of Ho Chi Minh City Maternal and Pediatric Medicine Association (HSMFM), Former Director of Tu Du Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City presented the report “Cervical cancer screening using TruScreen Optical-Electrical technique, combined and compared with existing methods in Vietnam” at Science and Technology Conference 2023.

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PhD.Dr. Le Quang Thanh presented a report at the conference

Currently, the world has changed its strategy, from the state of “preventing cervical cancer” to the action of “eliminating cervical cancer” with the goal of cervical cancer becoming a rare disease in the future near the.

In the strategy to eliminate cervical cancer, there are two measures including active prevention – HPV vaccination. The second most effective measure is cervical cancer screening.

Cervical cancer screening methods are constantly evolving, each method has its own advantages. However, traditional methods have certain limitations such as.  not enough basis experiments and human resources, or there are still subjective elements from the sampling step and reading the results leading to misleading results, or lost patient follow-up after screening, according to PhD.Dr. Le Quang Thanh.

Sharing at the conference, PhD.Dr. Lê Quang Thanh Introducing the TruScreen Optical-Electrical method, a new Australian cervical cancer screening method that is technologically advanced and meets current limitations. When screened with TruScreen Ultra, results are available immediately during the examination without the patient having to wait long.

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PhD.Dr. Lê Quang Thanh Introducing the TruScreen Optical-Electrical method

Doctor. Le Quang Thanh explains, TruScreen Ultra mobile device works on Optical and Electrical principles. The TruScreen Ultra probe emits voltage and optical beams to measure the response of the surface tissue above and the stromal tissue below the cervix. From there, based on the data set (2,000 samples), Smart AI technology will predict normal or abnormal tissue. Therefore, Screening results of the Optical-Electrical method completely objective and does not miss the disease.

Furthermore, how to operate the TruScreen Ultra device Simplicity helps hospitals save on laboratory operating costs. Evaluation of the performance of the TruScreen Optical-Electrical method, specificity more than 80%, equivalent to the test duo (Pap test combined with HPV test).

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PhD.Dr. Le Quang Thanh took  photo with the leadership of Dong Nai Hospital -2

The 2023 scientific and technical conference is organized by Dong Nai Hospital -2. Participating in this year’s Scientific Conference, there are 16 scientific research topics and technical innovations in the field of treatment, care, drug use and medical management of the authors inside and outside the hospital. The conference welcomed more than 120 delegates from the Department of Health and neighboring hospitals.


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