Officially applying TruScreen Opto – Electrical technique in cervical cancer screening at a Vietnamese hospital

Since April 2020, Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital (HOGH) officially applied Truscreen Opto-Electrical technique in cervical cancer screening. This is the first Vietnamese hospital have ever applied.

Previously, the HOGH hospital piloted cervical cancer screening using TruScreen Opto – Electrical technique and recorded the following results:
  • Total cases: 943 cases with 2 screening methods Truscreen and Pap Smear.
  • Comparison of results: 89% similarity, 0.64% abnormality. Specifically, after biopsies, the results indicated that Truscreen detected 3 positive cases, Pap Smear detected 1 positive case of cervical cancer.
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TruScreen technicians directly guide doctors of HOGH Hospital how to screen with TruScreen device

After 2 years of implementing the program, the Ministry of Health allowed Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital to officially apply Truscreen Opto – Electrical technique in cervical cancer screening according to Decision No. 1589/QD-BYT:

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The Decision of the Ministry of Health to allow the HOGH to officially apply the TruScreen Opto – Electrical technique
In the opinion of the HOGH leader, the TruScreen method has many benefits. Specifically:
– Provide immediate test results to doctors and patients: Therefore, patients receive prompt and appropriate advice and about their health status.
– Objective results: Results are analyzed by standard and automatic programmed algorithms. Hence, the results are consistent, accurate and reliable.
– Portable design, high convenience: Easy to use and install. Also, saving overhead costs because of no need to train qualified cytologists or standard lab facility set up. These advantages create greater access to women community, especially in remote areas.
–  High sensitivity: Minimize the missed disease and detect the disease at an early stage, improve the screening efficiency.
– Not collecting tissue samples: Patient feels no pain or discomfort, which minimizes pressure for examination. Thus, patients more likely to return for routine screenings.

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