Optical – Electrical TruScreen – a new step in cervical cancer screening

Up to now, there have been many new strides in cervical cancer screening in Vietnam as well as the world. Including the Optical – Electrical TruScreen method – a cervical cancer screening technique applying artificial intelligence.

On 03/06/2023, Ph.D. Doctor. Le Quang Thanh – Vice President of Viet Nam Association of Gynecology and Obstetrics (VAGO), President of Ho Chi Minh City Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (HSMFM), Former Director of Tu Du Hospital – Ho Chi Minh City presented the report “Update on cervical cancer screening & the role of vaccines around the treatment of cervical lesions caused by HPV” at the first Can Tho Annual Oncology Imaging Seminar – 2023.

At the beginning of the report, Ph.D. Doctor. Le Quang Thanh shared that cervical cancer is a common cancer in women, creating a great burden for patients and their families. Currently, Vietnam’s latest incidence of cervical cancer is about 7 per 100,000 women.

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Ph.D. Doctor. Le Quang Thanh – Tu Du Hospital presented the report

The World Health Organization (WHO) has set attainable targets for 2030, ensuring that 90% of girls are fully vaccinated against HPV before the age of 15, 70% of women aged 35-45 are screened using a high-performance test, and 90% of those identified with cervical disease should receive appropriate treatment.

There are 2 “weapons” used to prevent cervical cancer: Active prophylaxis – HPV vaccination and secondary prophylaxis – cervical cancer screening. Referring to cervical cancer screening methods, Ph.D. Doctor. Le Quang Thanh said there have been many new advances towards screening methods. In Vietnam, there are 3 main methods being applied in cervical cancer screening: Pap Smear, HPV test, and Optical – Electrical TruScreen method.

Regarding the Optical – Electrical TruScreen method, this is a new method updated and approved by many countries around the globe, and is CE certified as a first-line independent screening tool to detect cervical precancerous lesions.

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Ph.D. Doctor. Le Quang Thanh explained, the TruScreen Ultra mobile device works on the principle of Optics and Electric. The TruScreen Ultra device probe sends electrical and optical signals to identify changes in the basal and stromal layers of the cervix. From there, based on the database (2,000 samples), TruScreen Ultra will make a prediction of normal or abnormal tissue.

The advantage of the method is that the results are returned immediately, without having to wait as long as an HPV test or Pap Smear. Evaluating the performance of the TruScreen Optical – Electrical method, the specificity is more than 80%, equivalent to the co-test (Pap Smear combined with HPV test).

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The 1st Can Tho Annual Oncology Imaging Workshop – 2023” organized by Can Tho Oncology Hospital in collaboration with Can Tho Oncology Association and Can Tho Diagnostic Imaging Association. It took place on 02 and 03, June with the participation of leading experts, experienced speaker in the field of diagnostic imaging from Cho Ray Hospital, University Medical Center – Ho Chi Minh City, Tu Du Hospital – Ho Chi Minh City and Children’s Hospital 1.


Link of the seminar: HÌNH ẢNH UNG THƯ SINH DỤC (HỘI TRƯỜNG C) – YouTube

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