Development history

TruScreen’s development was driven by two leading medical academics from Sydney University who sought to establish objective technology that could improve on the conventional Pap smear test. Between 1986 and 1999, the first generation TruScreen cervical cancer screening system was developed using the ‘Opto – Electrical’ Technology for the detection of pre and cancerous cells on the cervix. After that, TruScreen’s technology contains a sophisticated algorithm framework that has been developed in collaboration with the Australian Government’s applied research division, CSIRO.

The first generation of Truscreen was commercialized and launched to the market in 2014.

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What is TruScreen?

TruScreen ULTRA device is a world class technology – uses proprietary Opto-Electrical technique to evaluate the tissue of the cervix. Specific frequencies of light transmitted through the cervical tissue to identify changes in the basal and stromal layers. The device sends and picks up electrical and optical signals from the cervical tissue. After collecting the signals, it uses an AI-enabled algorithm to process data and provides real-time results.

In addition to working as a stand-alone, first-line screening tool with high sensitivity and standard specificity, TruScreen® ULTRA effectively and efficiently supports physicians and patients in their cervical cancer screening in just one visit.

Certifications of TruScreen Opto – Electrical technology

TruScreen equipment has been certified CE, TGA, MHRA, WAND, COFEPRIS, CFDA, RFDA and is widely used in many developed countries such as Australia, Italy, UK, Poland, China, Indonesia, Korea , Russia,… and began to develop strongly in developing countries.

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Features & Benefits

TruScreen® ULTRA is the only device in the world that uses unique Opto-Electrical technology to identify abnormal tissues. This is the factor that makes TruScreen® ULTRA very sensitive in screening for cervical tissue lesions.

The TruScreen device uses optical analysis technology with 4 LEDs sequentially emit light at 3 wavelengths to transmit signals to the cervical epithelium. The wavelengths not only examine the cervical surface epithelium, but also basal and stromal layers for examination. Changes in the cell nucleus due to cancer will directly affect the transmitted light signal.

With the electrical analysis technology, TruScreen ULTRA transmits low level electrical to the surface of the cervix (about 0.8 volts/350ms) due to the capacitive decay of the tissue. Depending on the characteristics of normal and abnormal tissue, the signal will appear in different electrical decay curves.


After the signal is reflected from the optical and electrical measurement, the device uses a programmed and built-in AI algorithm to process the received signals. The algorithm analyzes the signals and classifies the tissues by comparing the input signals with more than 2000 tissue samples stored available in the “Database”. From there, TruScreen determines if the cervical tissue is “normal” or “abnormal” (Precancerous/cancerous).


In a study, confirmed data proved that TruScreen has a high degree of Sensitivity (75 – 86%) and Specificity (75 – 82%). Applying Opto-Electrical technology, TruScreen method detects early and effectively for potential malignant cells located in the layers below the epithelium, and helps minimizing the missed disease.

TruScreen results are analyzed from an automated system through a programmed algorithm from a multi-center data so TruScreen’s results are objective.


The instantaneous results of TruScreen are provided within 1 to 2 minutes after screening. This helps patients not to wait for a long time. They are then monitored promptly and receive appropriate medical advice to their health status.


TruScreen Screening Tool is a non-invasive method, no need for samples to test. Unlike other traditional methods, TruScreen makes patients feel no pain or discomfort. This cervical cancer screening method completely relieves pressure and anxiety for women when visiting. Patients also keep choosing TruScreen for the next check-ups and health monitoring.


TruScreen is a portable device that is easy to transport, operate and use. Therefore, this benefit reduces training costs as well as investing costs in infrastructure or standard laboratories. Doctors can easily manipulate and use to examine patients. Not only that, the utility of TruScreen especially helps the women community from all walks of life to get closer to health care.

Deploying and applying TruScreen in Vietnam

GHS focuses on providing Vietnamese public health an effective solution to help improve the early diagnosis rate of cervical cancer without costly training. In addition, with the method’s ability to minimize invasiveness and examination pressure, women will greatly benefit from the Truscreen Cervical Cancer Screening Program.

That is why GHS Company decided to develop Truscreen products in Vietnam to reduce the burden of cervical cancer. Truscreen is a new method, new technology, so it needs the Ministry of Health permission to be applied in Vietnam. Up to now, we have implemented and completed the process for Truscreen devices to be officially used in Vietnam:

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