Supporting cervical cancer screening with TruScreen in the Charity medical examination event in Tay Ninh

Gorton company participated in sponsoring TruScreen medical equipment for the “Bien gioi yeu thuong” program as well as supporting free cervical cancer screening for women in Bien gioi Commune, Tay Ninh Province.

On 13/08/2022, Medical Team of Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital and the Trade Union, the Youth Union of the Airports Corporation of Vietnam in collaboration with the Youth Union of Tay Ninh Province organized the program “ Bien gioi yeu thuong “. The event included activities of health consultation, examination, medicine and gift giving to 300 people under the policy,  poor households, donated health insurance cards and scholarships to 150 disadvantaged children who were supported to go to school in Bien gioi commune, Chau Thanh district, Tay Ninh province.

tin tuc bien gioi yeu thuong
The organizers of the charity program “Bien gioi yeu thuong”

As part of the program, Gorton company sponsored TruScreen medical equipment and supported doctors to examine and do cervical cancer screening for women of reproductive age and middle-age in this border region.

tin tuc bien gioi yeu thuong bs tu van
The doctor is examining and consultating the patient health

TruScreen Optical – Electrical device is a new non-invasive screening method that meets European standards. TruScreen uses advanced Optical – Electrical technology so that women do not have to take samples, thereby creating a comfortable and pleasant feeling when screening with TruScreen. Moreover, TruScreen also applies AI technology to produce results in just a few minutes of the visit.

tin tuc bien gioi yeu thuong bs sang loc truscreen
Doctors is using TruScreen devices to made cervical cancer screening for patients
tin tuc bien gioi yeu thuong tim hieu truscreen
The woman is learning about the new TruScreen screening method

Through the program, Gorton company wishes to bring TruScreen method to the women community with difficult circumstances to have the opportunity to screen for cervical cancer to detect abnormalities in cervical tissue early as well as update the health status, receive advise on appropriate treatment.

tin tuc bien gioi yeu thuong bs van hanh truscreen
The doctor is operating the TruScreen device before the examination

Currently, the TruScreen cervical cancer screening method is being officially applied in Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital and is in the process of being deployed in Tu Du Hospital, University Medical Center HCMC, Hung Vuong Hospital,… In addition to applying TruScreen Optical – Electrical technology in hospitals in Vietnam, GHS has regularly participated in sponsoring charitable activities for the community, contributing to helping disadvantaged people receive effective TruScreen screening methods as well as improving the lives of Vietnamese people.


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